Determination. Skill. Leadership.


DSL Builders is named for and built upon the foundation of three key ideals: Determination, Skill, and Leadership. All equally important, these concepts together define the perspective our team brings to every project we encounter. Every project has its challenges and DSL Builders is an industry leader in problem-solving. In fact, the team at DSL Builders likes challenges. Our teams, based in Oregon and Washington, have worked as far away as Alaska and Montana. We’ve taken on unique projects that many contractors would shy away from. Our unique blend of perseverance, knowledge, and guidance have created a successful model that we sum up with this phrase – today’s sophistication inspired by yesterday’s integrities.


DSL Builders has a collective experience base that is rare in today’s contracting workforce. We have specifically trained our supervision and field crews to be adept at the modern range of challenges they face from public utilities and complicated infrastructure work to institutional and commercial buildings. We are not a volume builder – we efficiently examine projects and work out the best way to execute it to the highest degree. Whether we are building new domestic water pump station, fueling facilities, retail and industrial use structures, or learning institutions, our project team from managers and superintendents through the field trades will have a unique and highly skilled perspective to contribute to your project.


DSL Builders is fond of opportunities with historical relevance. These often come in the form of handling projects supported by public funds. Projects that will have a lasting impact on their communities like framing a new police station or supervising the construction of a new higher-education teaching building from the ground-up are incredibly fulfilling to be involved in. The responsibility that comes with these projects is not lost on us, however. We recognize that funding for these projects often comes from taxpayers just like us and just as we demand responsible and accountable spending, we promise to safeguard project budgets to the best of our ability.


When you work with DSL Builders, you will find that we are not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all construction company. We know and expect that every project will come with its own unique challenges and personalities. Our determined team prefers to look at each problem as an opportunity to improve which gives us fresh eyes with which to spot potential pitfalls and areas to emphasize. By focusing on getting it right the first time, we are able to cut down on cost which allows us to be as competitive as possible. When an error infrequently occurs, we are quick to respond and take responsibility in order to keep the project on schedule and within budget. If our customers are not happy, we are not happy.